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 Clan Recruitment Requirements

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PostSubject: Clan Recruitment Requirements   Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:32 am

If you are irritated by joining random lagging lobbies with weak team strategies and frustrating team-mates then this is the clan for you. We're the fresh start your looking for.

Southern Cross Assassins are currently recruiting dedicated soldiers to form a community of skillful & enthusiastic gamers keen on competitive fun and 4 green bars. We are accommodating for ALL skill levels and ALL game-play styles.

There is no try-out required to join our clan, however one of the senior members of the clan will accommodate you in a few rounds to assess if you are the right candidate for (SCA) prior to recruiting you as an official member.

Once we receive your application to join you will have a friend request sent to your live account asap from a senior (SCA) member.

Listed below are the base requirments that all members must pass prior to placing an application with us:

• We do require that you live in either Australia or New Zealand and be 15yo age or over to apply.

• Potential members must be active & committed to (SCA) and respect all members involved within the clan.

• All members must fully understand and follow the (SCA) Code of Conduct - Rules & Regulations

• Clan members must wear the (SCA) clan tag once formally accepted as a member of Southern Cross Assassins

• We require all members to be able to communicate through a headset.

• I would like to stress at this stage there is no set kill / death ratio required to join.

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Clan Recruitment Requirements
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